Monday 6 August 2007

Found my wheels again !

I'm happy to say I'm now back in the swing of things after my Italian adventure. I think it was the fact that the weather had been so hot over there, that it took it out of me. Once back in ol' blighty I needed to give myself a little break before getting back to the races. It wasn't such a long break - just a couple of weeks, and I was still commuting and doing low level training. I just wasn't in the mood to beat myself up at the races. Also, from what my sports masseur said, it was a good job I didn't race as my muscles were pretty shot.

I did my first bit of racing last Monday - at Herne Hill track - got slaughtered in every race. The losing margin was less, so that was still encouraging ! Also being the only female there made it difficult to judge exactly where I was compared with my peers.

Wednesday was the women's race at Hillingdon Cycle Circuit. That was a real race - frequent attacks being made, as the Agisko Viner girls were dead set on setting up one of their members for the win. It made me feel good that I was able to stay with the bunch during the various assaults being made.
I still need to work on my finish though. I sprinted for the line, but not fast enough - so only managed 13th place - still, I beat some quality riders and earned a couple of points.
We've only got one more race in this series to go, so I'm going to give it my all in the last one.

I didn't race at the weekend - just did track cycling training at Herne Hill again on Saturday, plus a hilly 60 miles around Kent with Stan.

So here we are again - a new week, and I've got track racing to look forward to tonight, plus Crystal Palace circuit racing tomorrow.
Tomorrow will be interesting. Even though it's my local course I hardly race there. It usually takes me 4 months to pluck up the courage to race on this technically scary circuit. No doubt I will be dropped, as is the case for most riders starting out on this course. I just need to see if I can survive 2 laps in the bunch - believe me, that will be an achievement !

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