Tuesday 1 April 2008

News Roundup

From Cycling News (April 1st)

"Mystic Manchester" leads to medal enquiry

World records may be rejected if scientific evidence is found

Following the lightning-quick times recorded at the world track championships in Manchester last week, scientists are looking into claims that a phenomenum known as ley lines could have played a part in both those high speeds and the fantastic performance of the British team. Experts are looking into potential interaction between the mystical ley line and the stripes on the British team's skinsuits as a speed enhancer.

Manchester just happens to lie in direct alignment with two important archaeological and spiritual sites which are located along a hypothetical ley line: Stonehenge and Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland. Some New Age theories propose that these lines resonate psychic or mystical energy, generating powerful electrical or magnetic forces.

"Skeptics try to play this down because they cannot explain it with science," said longtime ley line expert Martyn Erlin to Cyclingnews on Monday.

When questioned about the British men's pursuit team, which wore the white UCI leader's kit rather than the standard British team strip, Erlin revealed that the riders had worn special undershirts with the triple-stripe pattern, indicating that the team was fully aware of the interaction with the mythical ley lines.

In the past hour Cyclingnews has learned that this mystical home advantage is being investigated by both the UCI and the IOC, and that the outcome could have severe implications for the nine gold medals won.

"We'll be studying this very carefully and if it can be shown that anything peculiar was at work in Manchester, gold medals and world records may well be scrapped." Said a UCI Official. "Down with this sort of thing."

by Cheyenne Spokes


From Le Poisson (April 1st)

ASO propose Tour de London Stage Race

Talks on possibly staging a pro race in the UK capital

Following the success of the Prologue and Stage 1 of last year's Tour de France in London, sources at Amaury Sports Organisation have today disclosed plans to hold a late season professional stage race in London in 2010.

The proposed event would consist of a prologue and 2 stages. The prologue would be a 3-mile loop taking in Tower Bridge, Jamaica Road, Elephant and Castle, and London Bridge. The remaining 2 stages are still being finalised, but these are likely to both be circular stages with one stage going North towards Oxford, while the other one will head South West towards Winchester. Both stages will finish at Buckingham Palace.

"It's early days, and these are just speculative plans." Christian Prudhomme, Director of the Tour de France told Le Poisson. "We cannot confirm anything at this stage, but we are in discussions with the relevant parties. We would certainly be very happy to return to London and stage a cycle race."

Triple World Champion, Bradley Wiggins also expressed his excitement at the possibility of once again racing in front of a home crowd. "There's such an adrenaline buzz when you race on home soil, in front of a home crowd. I for one, would support any bid to hold a race here in London."

Said London Mayoral candidate Boris Johnson, "This would be spiffing news !" I'm a keen cyclist and cycling is increasingly popular in London. This would certainly help to make London a cycling friendly city. Bring it on !"

by Ollaf O'Pris

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