Sunday 28 December 2008

Thanks Santa !

I didn't get most things on the list, but I have got a new cyclo cross frame.

The clearance should be better as it is a genuine cyclo cross frame. So it will be different to what I have been using - a catch-all frame that does a bit of off-road/cycle touring/cyclosportives etc.
That should definitely help me in a week's time when I come to riding in that messy gloop also known as the in-field at Herne Hill Velodrome.

I just need to bide my time while the good people at Geoffrey Butler's transfer the old components onto the new frame.

One thing that Santa could have worked on is the Minx clothing. My club colours won't mix well with the red and black of my new Planet X bike. I will definitely have to get some new kit.

Dear Minx/Assos/Rapha
- please send any special deals my way. Thank you !


trio said...

So you have an uncle john, that is on my shortlist for a cx bike, been doing races this year on my moutain bike. I was wondering how tall you are as I was thinking I might be a little small for one.

2Wheel Chick said...

Hi Trio - yep, that's the one, Uncle John !
I am 5ft 6 and am using the small one. It is slightly smaller than the one I was previously riding (a Pearson Cycles 52cm generic cross/cycletouring frame). I could've gone for the medium, but that might have been slightly big for me, and I am happy to be in a more upright position when doing cross than when I'm doing road stuff. Hope this helps.
I won't be racing it till tomorrow, so can let you know how it feels.

trio said...

I'm 5'3" so wondering if that might be a little big for me. Problem with being short! Let me know how you find racing on it.

2Wheel Chick said...

Trio, I have had the chance to try out the bike, and I think that I could've ordered the medium as the reach for me is a couple of cms short. I will probably fit a longer stem on the bike and that should be ok.

See if you can try out the small. It might be ok for you.

trio said...

I'll keep an eye out then, everyone I know is tall and has a medium! So did it make you faster than your old bike?