Wednesday 7 January 2009

London by bICEycle - Part 3

I should have seen the shape of things to come when I did the 'cross race on Sunday at Herne Hill wearing an extra thermal baselayer, two pairs of gloves and an extra Buff on my head - and I did not work up a sweat.
Not only that, I had the pleasure of skidding my way around the grassy course, numerous times falling foul of the frozen course. Football matches get cancelled for alot less !

There'd been no plan to ride to work on Monday as I had to drop Fred off at the airport. Still, the sight of snow in Central London was a real surprise.

Tuesday's weather was sunny but very crisp. That was the day I rode in. I basically doubled what I'd worn on Sunday at the cyclo cross race and added long trousers plus over shoes. I couldn't move very easily as 7 layers tends to restrict one's movement somewhat.

It was also a pain when I wanted to take out a hankie for my runny nose, or look at my watch - it was a real challenge trying to feel my way through my various layers of clothing - hey, it was minus 5 degrees celsius. I'm not used to those temperatures in London !

Anyway, I survived the icy roads - grippy tyres definitely help, and also riding where the tyre tracks have been is a safer option. My toes only began to freeze near the end of my journey as I crossed Albert Embankment, so that was a result.

Apparently these arctic conditions are set to continue for a few more days. I have to see if I can keep that dreaded flu bug away, and build up a spare stock of clothes as these days I wear most of what I have on my morning commute !
A heatwave is expected on Sunday when we will have a whopping 7 degrees celsius - whoo hoo, bring it on !

photo by Adrian Fitch

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