Wednesday 23 December 2009

White Christmas

I guess the bookies have stopped taking bets on a white christmas in London. I don't know of a time when there was so much snow in December in England. It's lovely!
Well, maybe it isn't if you're suffering all the traffic delays or if you were stuck on a Eurostar train for 10 hours.

But a white christmas is brilliant - just like in the Christmas cards.
Well where I am I know that it'll be a white Christmas here in the Dolomites. We've had lots of snow - both in the village and up on high. I've been doing cross country ski-ing, which is something very new to me and to my ankle (which is not enjoying the experience)!

I am looking forward to doing some downhill stuff at Cortina tomorrow, just like how Bing Crosby dreamt of how it used to be!

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