Wednesday 10 February 2010

Reflection and Resolution

I have just finished doing a series of interviews with local racing chicks for London Cyclesport website. The girls talk about how things went for them in 2009, and what their hopes and goals are for 2010.

In the spirit of "do unto others as you would have others do unto you" I am putting myself through the process!

How was 2009 for you?
2009 was a rather quiet year for me. I did a few cycle races, but nowhere near as much racing as I would normally do.
Getting involved in other cycling and non-cycling related projects just meant that I could not commit to as much cycle racing or training as usual. Even my cyclo cross season was affected, not least due to me sustaining an ankle injury.
2009 was the year that I lost my 2nd cat licence and also my racing mojo! On the plus side, I got to do more writing and a few of my articles were published in Cycling Weekly, Cycling Active and London Cyclesport.

Did you achieve your cycling goals?
I did not achieve any of my cycling goals. In terms of just enjoying what I was doing I think I achieved that though, as that always has to be the goal that underpins everything else!

What were the most significant cycling moments of 2009 for you?
Standing on the Cipressa climb during the Milan San Remo and watching the pros race up the 8% gradient like it was a flat road! The looks on the faces of the guys in the bar as Mark Cavendish swept to victory were priceless!

Standing on the start line in ridiculous fancy dress on a dark Saturday night for the Rollapaluza muddy as hell Halloween cyclo cross race. There were loads of women, and it was amusing watching John Mullineaux trying to read out our names by torchlight when he was gridding us. Not long ago, there wouldn't have been enough women on a cyclo cross start line to do gridding!

Having a women's race at the Smithfield Nocturne in London. I was unable to make that race, but the reports on it were really good. Everyone who took part in it said it was an amazing experience.

How do you see 2010 looking?
It's looking good to me. It has been pretty busy so far, as a group of us have been preparing a women's road racing league in the London area. I am looking forward to seeing that start. Trainingwise, I am fitting in what I can, but I am full of hopes for doing the key women's races. As for cyclosportives I am looking forward to going back to the Lake District for the Fred Whitton cyclosportive, and to Ireland for the Sean Kelly Tour of Waterford. I also hope to do one of the cobbled races - Tour of Flanders or Paris-Roubaix, plus the Gran Fondo Pantani (which will take in the passo Mortirolo and the passo di Gavia).
It'll be a busy year I think!

What are your goals?
Firstly, to stay healthy and happy - we can't always take these for granted. After that, I would like to do my bit to get the London Women's Cycle Racing League off the ground, and then win back my second cat licence, which I lost last year.

Is there anything you are likely to do differently in 2010?
I will watch what I eat. I am at that age where my blood pressure and LDL cholesterol count could go that bit overboard, and also where my bum could look that bit bigger on a bike. I am ever more conscious that I need to do something about it!

Are you superstitious? Have you noticed anything that could be a good omen?
I'm not superstitious. We've had a proper cold snowy winter, so I'm looking forward to a blazing hot summer. That'll mean epic rides and races to remember. I am looking forward to a non-humdrum year!

(Lower photo by John Mullineaux of

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