Sunday 23 January 2011

Happy New Year

A bit late, I guess but it's a start!
Anyway to quickly recap on last year - it was pretty good. I did a few new things like setting up and co-ordinating the London women's cycle racing league. I got a regular slot in Cycling Active magazine, which was abit by default - but good anyway! I met some famous Spanish cyclists and got to interview a few, which was....interesting given the lingo difference!

There were a few other things of note - getting my inerpreting qualification, using my French a bit more and enjoying my job - something that hasn't always come easily to me!

In his new year I look forward to developing on what I started last year. The women's cycle racing league will be running again. This year we have added in some social bike rides, which should help get more folks on board. I plan to do more writing - hopefully in a variety of publications. The language side of things is something that'll definitely get used more - especially as my French and Spanish will be regularly tested at the Meetup groups I go to.

And of course, there's always sport - the thing that keeps my head clear and my body fit (at least when I'm not injured!). During a recent healthcheck I was weighed. The figure did not look pretty! It showed that even a couple of weeks of indulgence is all it takes in my advancing years!

Happy 2011!
P.S - The French cycling trip was fun. I made it to Nice. I will finish the story - just been abit lazy, sorry!

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