Tuesday 22 February 2011

Welcome to Humberside!

Out and about up North with photographer Andy Jones, we did a shoot for Cycling Active magazine in the middle of the snow chaos in December.
This time we were in East Yorkshire and the Yorkshire Wolds, also known as Humberside!

Sorry, I know they abolished that name some years ago and some places may impose a "swear-box" fine for calling the place by such a name. However, I want to use the term as it does what it says on the tin, and it includes the name of that giant, elegant structure over the estuary.

It's the longest single span suspension bridge in the UK, and the fifth longest in the world. So allow me a moment or two to look in praise at the Humber Bridge - this wonderful feat of structural engineering which marks the grand entrance to the county as you hurtle towards Hull.

Thank you - I enjoyed that!

In the interests of balance we went to a few other places -

and Welton.
All very nice spots too. It soon got cold and dark so we had to call it a day. Anyway, whatever you want to call the region, the ride around there was very pleasant and is highly recommended. Oh, and you can read the full story of the ride in the current issue of Cycling Active! (shameless plug!)

Thanks to Andy for a good day out and for rustling up these great shots.

photos courtesy of Andy Jones

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