Wednesday 6 June 2012

Sixty years of turning those wheels!

Just wanted to say a very Happy Diamond Jubilee to Queen Elizabeth II. I managed to find this old photo of her as a child, riding her bike in Hyde Park. How would this young carefree child have known that less than 20 years later she'd be crowned queen - and even more, that she'd be doing the same job more than 70 years later!
Such a thought would have properly freaked me out!

I guess being a royal and the head of over 60 million subjects as well as millions around the Commonwealth countries must have its priviledges. I wouldn't mind having regal homes in St James's Park, Windsor Castle or up in Scotland. It would be great having a chauffeur to drive me around in my Bentley, or even a few horse drawn carriages - not to mention a stable of horses and 100 corgies!

But when it comes down to it, being the Queen must be a bit of a chore sometimes - having to get up everyday to visit various people, opening museums and attending functions up and down the country - and beyond. Even having to meet with Gordon Brown or David Cameron every week!!

You always have to look immaculate and smile, or at least not frown. You can't look tired and you can't complain. You just have to get up every morning and do it all again, following all the formalities and doing what is constitutionally correct. The wheels are continuously turning. You can't break a chain or slip a gear.

If I were her I'd certainly wish I could just be an ordinary young woman, (or even and older woman!) just riding my bike and enjoying a life without so much ceremony.

So I must say, I have alot of admiration for Queen Elizabeth II. Through the good times and the difficult times of the Royal Family she's had to show continuity and correctness. I think that for her 60 years on the throne she hasn't done badly at all, and is a good example to us.

Anyway, I'm off to ride my bicycle, and will give a thought to our admirable and dutiful Queen who over all these years has never thrown a sickie at the prospect of having to meet with a slimey Prime Minister or stand through a rainy river pageant!

And if you do, decide to just bunk off for one day and ride your bike, I don't think people would mind too much!

Happy Diamond Jubilee!

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