Thursday 31 January 2013

And the January Yellow Jersey goes to....

Daniel Day-Lewis!

Ok, so he's not a professional cyclist, but I have heard that Mr Day-Lewis, known for being a fiercely private individual, spends hours cycling around the mountains near his home reflecting on his roles.

Once a month I plan to feature my man, woman or object of the month - it can be for their cycling talents, and also for their talents in other places!

This month I have chosen Daniel Day-Lewis, not just because he has received multiple accolades for his role in Lincoln, or for his various films over the years. It is true that his versatility to play contrasting parts in films is excellent. From a gay punk in urban London during My Beautiful Launderette, followed by a terribly English gentleman in A Room with a View - then a severely disabled artist in My Left Foot - the list goes on.

If Daniel Day Lewis were a racing cyclist he'd probably be a champion road racer, track cyclist and mountain biker. He'd be well respected - even if he only raced as infrequently as he stars in films!

The reason why I have chosen Daniel Day-Lewis is because he's dapper and I think he's a damn handsome guy, with a lovely smooth voice. There, I've said it!
Fingers crossed you get another Oscar sweetcheeks!

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