Thursday 9 January 2014

Gee, it's 2014 already!

I must say that 2013 seems to have come and gone so quickly I can hardly believe we are once again in a new year. The days just go by much to rapidly for me to keep up!

The last part of 2013 was spent travelling around a fair bit. It was all about trying to get the right balance in terms of seeing both mine and Higg's side of the family and also doing a few of the things we enjoy.

For me that meant a trip down to London from Macclesfield, then back up to Yorkshire to see my family, followed by a return to Macclesfield for a cyclo cross interlude in Bakewell and in Macclesfield.

Next, we flew across the Irish Sea to catch up with Higg's parents in Cork, and his orienteer friends and siblings in Doolin, County Clare.

Then we were very briefly in London before flying to Geneva for a few days of skiing in Chamonix.

After all that the Christmas holiday finished when I answered my 4.30am alarm call yesterday morning to get the 6.16am from Euston to Macclesfield to start back at work, and hopefully use a bit of the time to recuperate from my Christmas holiday! Phew!

Still, I had an enjoyable few weeks. I have spent a lot of money in the process but I gained a few presents and even (by some fluke) a cash prize at the Macclesfield Super cross!

Hopefully, I still have a bit of energy to get through 2014. I will need it this weekend for I am competing in the vet women's race at the National Cyclo cross championships and immediately after that I get to interview the different newly crowned national champions for the cycling magazine. I'd better eat three shredded wheats that day!

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