Tuesday 7 July 2015

2wheel kid meets Islabikes

I have heard of Islabikes but I have never ridden one. I guess it stands to reason as I am not a child or a small person - which is the target market for this range of bikes. A few local female cycle racers who are 5ft tall (1m 50) ride them and they have given good feedback about them.

When I was offered the chance to test one out I was obviously unable to try it out myself. Instead I found a willing volunteer - my niece.

As she is only just starting out with bike riding she is trying the Cnoc 16. I must say the bike looks pretty cool. We've got it in pink, one of her favourite colours - no surprises there for a little girl!

The first thing I noticed when I lifted the Cnoc 16 out of the box was how light it was. Some children's bikes can be quite heavy. But this was surprisingly light. It would surely be an advantage for the little girl who will have to wheel it around and ride it!

I haven't put the pedals on it yet, as right now we are using it as a pseudo balance bike. Apparently that is the more modern approach to teaching children how to ride a two-wheeler.

And the verdict so far on the Cnoc 16 from my niece? "It's great!" she says.
More updates on how she is getting on will follow.

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