Friday 16 October 2015

One day one photo - 7

You may or may not know that I do a bit of running. It's not something I advertise much but it is one of those activities that has been whirring away in the background of my life since I was very young. I guess the fact that it's second nature is the reason why I don't talk about it much.

Furthermore, it's not something I do to break any records or try and make it into the Olympics - mind you, I don't do that with my cycling either!

I just run to clear my mind and keep myself in trim. In fact, my failure to become overweight is probably down to  running, rather than cycling!

So, this is me at the first round of the local cross country league in Surrey.

Cross country is a funny old game, where you have to be in a club affiliated to the local league in order to take part. My main club is still up in Macclesfield. But even though I am a second claim member of a local London club, because they are affiliated to a league in north London and not the one near where I live I have had to join a third running club - Croydon Harriers -  so that I can compete in this league!

I think it's worth it though as I do enjoy cross country running and I am looking forward to running at the venues nearby like Roundshaw Downs (which is where we are in the photo), Lloyd Park in Croydon, Reigate, Wimbledon etc. The folks in Croydon Harriers are friendly too.

So after the photo shoot (care of James) with my team-mate Jules we got on with Saturday's race at Roundshaw Downs. Four hundred women chasing around common land near Purley Way in vest and shorts must have been quite a sight to behold! I didn't win. In fact I finished bang in the middle of the field in around 200th place! Nothing like being Miss Average! Bring on the next one!


Hidde said...


I'm really impressed by what you are doing. Please let me know when you need a sponsor for your next run. is happy to support you in your fantastic runs.

Best regards,


2Wheel Chick said...

Thanks for your comment, Hidde. Yes, I quite enjoy running. At the moment I am doing cross country, but I will also do races on the road and orienteering. I appreciate your offer of support on behalf of I will let you know my sporting plans in due course. Best Regards, Maria