Thursday 17 December 2015

All I want for Christmas is....

A few ideas for treats for friends, family or even yourself this Christmas or with your Christmas gift money.

Having had the chance to review these things and enjoy using them I thought I would share my thoughts.

dhb Women's Blok Macro Roubaix jersey

At this time of year you would probably wear this jersey underneath a cycling jacket. However, the unseasonably mild weather in the UK makes it possible to wear the Blok Macro Roubaix jersey without a jacket these days. The good thing is the bold design makes you quite visible on the road.

I like fashion as much as the next person and its true that black flatters my figure. However, I am not so keen on being dressed from head to toe in dark colours at this time of year. So wearing this jersey gives me reassurance that will be seen by other road users.

The benefits don't just stop there, though. When wearing the dhb jersey on my rides I get free movement without any of the seams or the zip digging into my neck or my cuffs. Pockets are a descent size and it's good to have three, particularly for people like me who have a tendency to overstock on provisions even for the shortest of rides!

And, as with other jerseys in this range the wicking properties are excellent so you do stay dry when exerting yourself - for instance, when going uphill or doing a serious training ride. You can read a full review of the dhb Blok Macro Roubaix jersey on the Sportsister website where I posted my impressions.
                                                            £32; Sizes S-XXL;

Proviz Switch Reversible jacket

Last year I reviewed the Proviz cycling jacket and found its highly reflective component mega useful when riding at night. It was particularly good when riding on the country lanes around Macclesfield where I was at the time.

This year Proviz have gone one step further by launching this lovely Switch jacket. It is completely reversible with one side having the trademark 100% reflective material which we know and love. Ride with that side on the outside at night to give your self brilliantly shiny visibility.

Then during the day reverse the jacket so that you have a high vis fluorescent yellow on the outer side for these dull winter days. No one will fail to see you on the road! This is a thoroughly useful invention giving you the best of both worlds.

The design is just as stylish as the Proviz cycling jacket from last year, with the women's jacket having a cool tailored fit. Gone is the large rear pocket and instead are two good sized side pockets which are usable whichever way you wear the Proviz Switch.

As with the 2014 incarnation there are side vents to allow breathability, but this year's design gives added ventilation through the meshed perforated back. This amount of breathability makes the Proviz Switch a feasible jacket to wear on training rides as well as when commuting - once we eventually experience normal winter temperatures!

£99.99; Sizes 6-16;

Après Vélo sleepwear

Once you are home, chill out in these cycling themed pyjamas from Après Vélo. This Unchained Love design is one of several styles that are available from these designers that are powered by the passion for all things on two wheels. I love the heart shape on the pyjama top made up of chain links with a bicycle in the middle.

And once out of the pyjamas try this Chainring Tattoo tank top (right) decorated with sequins and studs all in the shape of a skull and a bicycle with, you've guessed it, a chain ring. Check out the full review I wrote about this on the Sportsister website.

Unchained Love sleepwear £29.95; Sizes S-XL; Chainring Tattoo tank top £24.95; Sizes XS-XL;

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