Thursday 24 November 2016

Christmas Gifts for the Cyclist - 1

Happy Thanksgiving! Ok, so now I have paid deference to that great American tradition and the bun fight also known as Black Friday let's talk about things that mean more to me closer to home. Christmas - crikey it's just one month away.

The John Lewis advert is out, the lights are sparkling brightly on Oxford Street, so I can't get away from it, and neither can you dear reader. In case you're stuck, here are some ideas for your cycling (and even non-cycling) friends and family.

This is part 1 of a series so if you don't see anything you like today, there may be something tomorrow.

Protect your extremities

I love this Vulpine Merino collar. I had previously been making do with an old acrylic scarf. It does the job of keeping the breeze away from my neck and chest, so I can't complain too much. But the downside can be that if I put on a spurt when riding to work it can get a bit damp from my sweat.

Being 100% merino wool means that this neck cowl not only keeps me warm but keeps moisture away from my skin and feels soft on my chin.

I particularly like the subtle red one (which they call tangerine). It also comes in light grey (heather grey), dark grey (charcoal) and olive green.

One size

This goes nicely with the Vulpine Merino beanie, keeping your head and ears nice and toasty.

Once you've sorted out your upper extremities let's look at the lower part the body: your pinkies. These Block socks from Vulpine, also made from 100% Merino have stopped my pinkies from going numb last week, when we had temperatures around 5 degrees C.

The other thing is their striped collegiate design means they are also suitable to wear in the office environment. I like the navy, mandarine and charcoal colour scheme as it matches the neck cowl and the hat. But that's me being conservative. It's okay to go a little off piste with the other fine designs!

Sizes: S, M, L, XL

* Vulpine sent me the merino socks and the merino collar for review.

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