Friday 16 December 2016

Christmas Gifts for the Cyclist - 4

Stay warm and dry when cycling

I was sent some items from the Dhb range of Aeron Rain Defence gear to test out earlier this year. I had hoped to use the gear during a cyclosportive, but in fact the weather just wasn't cold enough!

Having said that, the short-sleeved jersey was really useful because it protected me against the rain. So I wore it when I rode to Paris on a very wet day in June, and it was also useful when I rode across the windswept South Downs on a ride down to Brighton.

So even if the gear may seem a little warm for mild weather such as what we are even experiencing now, something like the jersey (and the accompanying arm warmers, leg warmers and bib shorts) are great for wet and windy days - which you get at any time of the year.

As for the Aeron Full Protection Softshell this has everything that other garments have, though it is properly toasty to wear.

When wearing this with the rain defence shortsleeved jersey you are so warm. It was useful against the sea breeze on the Brighton coast, but it really comes into its own in wintry weather.

In fact, a couple of weeks ago when the temperatures were barely above zero in London I was almost overheating on my ride in to work! When the temperatures dropped to -5 degrees celsius I felt much more comfortable.

So basically, this gear is great for the winter. Even if the weather isn't that cold right now in the UK, proper winter won't be far away and I'll be even happier to have this gear to fall back on.

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