Sunday 30 September 2018

One day one photo - 30: Ending on a high at Brigg Triathlon

End of September is generally sees the finale of the triathlon season. It's not that I really got into it - I only actually managed to do one other triathlon in Chantilly, France plus a couple of aquathlons in London.

So today's race was the first triathlon of my season in the UK! And I have to say it was a nice way to end the season. As a child I leaved in what is now known as North-East Lincolnshire (in those days it was South Humberside) but for some reason I never had the opportunity to go to Brigg.

Transition at Brigg triathlon - definitely my weakest link!
So today was my first time. The town centre, from what I saw during the run section of the triathlon looked pretty.

The bike course was pan flat, and was a typical time trial profile. I think the route, which was an out and back to Redbourne village, is regularly used for time trials.

I just rode the event on my road bike, as I don't tend to bother with tri bars or disc wheels. It didn't put me at any disadvantage as there were folks on a whole variety of bicycles, including some people on mountain bikes.

What was great was the encouragement given by the other spectators as we passed each other in opposite directions both on the bike and on the run, and the cheers given to us by the spectators along the side of the road. It seemed like this was a big event in Brigg.

I was pleased with the way my race went, as for once I didn't completely mess up the swim - which was in the pool at Ancholme Leisure Centre. The bike and the run also went to form. I wasn't in contention for any prizes but I was just pleased to do a clean race on the three disciplines. The only problem was my fourth discipline. I do need to work on my transitions though. I spent 7 minutes in T1 and 3 minutes in T2.

A woman who I got talking to at the start set off in the same way as me. It was her first ever triathlon and she beat me. She was only marginally quicker than me on the swim, and slower than me on the bike and the run, but she spent a total of 3 minutes in both tranistions where I spent 10 minutes!

Still, I enjoyed my morning, and the goody bag was pretty generous - Clif Bars, drink, medal, T-shirt, and a  Buff. All good value for £15.

I now just need to practice getting shoes on and off very quickly between now and next season! 

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