Tuesday 20 August 2019

Catching up with cyclists at Ride London

While at the Ride London 100 I caught up with a few cyclists taking part in the event. As the cyclosportive was 100 miles I thought it would be nice to break up my ride by speaking to a few of the women doing it, and hearing their stories.

It was good to chat to Marie-Paul, Yasmin and Ify. They were all doing 100 miles, in Ify's case for the first time. Riding this distance is naturally quite a challenge, but it can be done if you prepare by riding reguarly and including some hills. Mind you, in Yasmin's case she didn't do much training for the event, and Ify didn't do any 100-mile bike rides in her training for it.

I know that Ify finished because I saw her again at the finish line. I like to think that the other women finished.

Chatting to the participants was a nice way to break up the ride and also learn a bit about some of the different people doing the race. I must say that doing social networking during a race is not the thing to do if you're looking to ride it in a fast time! I spent a fair bit of time trying to upload, sending tweets and taking photos while doing the ride. My official time ended up being around 2 hours longer than my recorded  moving time on Garmin! Still, it was a good day out.

Marie-Paul at Hampton Court hub

Yasmin at Wescott drinks station

Ify at Box Hill

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