Sunday 23 December 2007

Christmas and Cycling

Hell, another cold has laid me off cycling (and all physical activity) for a few days.
So instead of enjoying a good bit of Christmas holiday bike rides and cross races I've been condemned to spending days in bed staring inanely at the TV. I was meant to be going up North today and doing a cross race in Yorkshire. No chance of that - It's still touch and go as to if I can race at Footscray Meadows on 27th December. We'll see.
I haven't even been able to get any Crimbo shopping done - hopefully I'll be out later today when the crowds are dying down.

On the subject of Christmas presents :

Dear Santa,

I know you've already had requests for the usual stuff - downloadable heart-rate monitor, power tap, cadence monitor, a Colnago C50, the latest Assos jersey, plus some Minx-Girl stuff for when I want to bring out my feminine side that bit more, ooh and of course some trendy Rapha mitts, blah blah blah....but please could I also have :

1. A butler who can organise my racing kit and bikes for all the training and racing I've got planned for 2008. If he could be a good bike washer and a dab hand with the old maintenance that would be great too. Oh, and if he could be on hand to give me my favourite post-race food immediately the race finishes and be ready to tidy everything up for me by the time I get back in the car that would be great !

2. A personal assistant to organise my racing diary and my race entries, book my transport and accommodation for the road races and gran fondos I plan to do. I know I don't race anywhere near the level to merit this type of elite treatment, but I do try hard and I have to fit racing around my life as a busy working noughties woman.

3. A psychologist to gee me up, pick me up and calm me down when I get the heeby jeebies before a race - especially when I've seen who I'm up against. Help with visualisation techniques would be very useful. Ok, coaches can fill this role - but that's not always guaranteed and extra confidence building never does any harm.

This might be a big ask, but you don't have to supply everything on December 25th - I can wait till late February to have everything. Failing that, do you know if Wiggle or Chain Reaction might be offering special deals on this sort of thing ??

All the Best to you and your Reindeer !

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