Tuesday 8 January 2008

Missing my 2Wheeled horse !!

I'm still not back in the saddle yet but I'm beginning to feel stronger. I managed to run across the Victoria Station concourse to catch the 18.52 to Epsom Downs and I didn't feel like keeling over afterwards. I must be ok then. Or maybe I was just too eager to get away from the office !

Hopefully the weather won't be too cold this weekend so I will get out and do some easy riding, and start collecting quality winter road miles.

I've changed club now - our team manager has high hopes for the coming road and track racing season so I need to get my posterior in gear pretty damn quick !

Of course I am rearing to go, but I'm just so weak, but I'm restless - and I'm missing my horse with wheels, boo hoo.

Last week at LLantwryd Wells I was confined to watching from the sidelines while my friends went out and had fun in the Welsh hills.

And also in the Welsh fords !

I just pootled in pain in the woods.

Ooh please Sir let me have some 2 wheel fun now !

Photos by Stanley

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