Sunday 20 January 2008

Quick Catch-Up

I've got over my flu, my chest is clear, I'm not coughing, and I'm full of life and vigour ! Actually I'm full of life but am doing my best to keep buoyant while fighting the mediocrity of truding to work and then home again under the leaden, grim skies looming over London these days. I've managed to keep away from any serious bout of SAD even though it's constantly knocking at my door in January.

Anyway, the above aside, I have managed to get some training in - a good session on the turbo trainer after an aborted trip to Hillingdon due to technical problems on my bike.

I also managed a run through the park near me.

But the part of my training session that really killed was the hula hoop. I don't travel far - just swing my hips, waist and bum around. There's no jumping up and down involved, or pushing any weights. But that circular motion with a limited part of your body sure burns the calories. And it will definitely go some way to getting rid of my newly acquired and very unwelcome spare tyre !

I also plan to get in some mid-week rides now that it's not too cold, and then do circuits.
It's always good to have a few motivational factors that get you out training. Mine are :
a) being in a new racing team and therefore not wanting to embarrass myself too much next to my team-mates.
b) the training should help me a bit for when I go ski-ing in a few weeks.
c) and more importantly, a new gadget always makes you want to train. (I'm expecting a Garmin Edge 305 any day now.) Spending your £100+ makes you want to get your money's worth. You feel the excitement of downloading the data and poring over training graphs and charts in a semi-anorak sort of way. Well, I can't do any of that if I've got no training data to input into the machine. So once it arrives I will look forward to having lots of graphs to analyse !

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