Wednesday 26 March 2008

Cycle Racing Season - Take 2 !

Change of plan - the script didn't quite suit me. Too much to live up to, and not enough material to work with - especially with the death of my main number - the supporting players just wouldn't have been able to cut it either.

I couldn't play out the scenes with the right level of sincerity and warmth, when I had a bunged up chest and a blocked nose.

And as for directors that put so much rigidity on the set, how can I play out the scenes with any form of fluidity ?

(I'm talking about the target of gaining 160 points for a 1st cat licence when half our races just got wiped off the calendar, with the remaining options for women's races being miles away - not always feeling on form due to illness - being part of a team that was overly regimented, and not feeling like I could get properly involved.)

So the set's been changed !

The script is better - I only need to gain half as many BC points as were originally planned. My main number will now be the proposed women's races at Crystal Palace every Tuesday. Supporting players will be races at Thruxton and the Women's Team Series races, plus some time trials and cyclosportives. I now feel healthy, enthusiastic and ready to engage in the racing scene. And, I now have a new club to race for - Dulwich Paragon (with Surrey League for the Women's Team Series). These are two teams that I'm very happy to be involved in, especially as there's a more relaxed ambiance and I feel happier.

So now I should be able to play out a much better role in the cycle racing scene. It will certainly be an improvement on what I've been doing, but don't hold your breath for any awards - yet !

Aaac-tion !

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