Tuesday 25 March 2008

I'm Dreaming of a White......Easter - er not really !!

Crikey - my trip to the French Alps in February wasn't anything as cold as this Easter weekend in London !

Dunsfold Aerodrome. Sunday @ 8.45am. As we stood huddled under the Evans Cycles marquee sheltering from the blizzard, awaiting the commissaire's decision various thoughts passed through my mind - "I'm so bl**dy freezing - what the hell am I doing here - we must be mad. But then so is the weather - Why all this snow in London in late March ??"

The forecasts for Easter weekend had never been great, so I hadn't exactly been expecting a heat wave. But a bit of cold, wind and rain while cycling never did me any harm. It certainly never stopped organisers from cancelling bike races.

I'd done a very pleasant, if not a little crisp ride around the Kent hills on Good Friday. We'd even managed to get dry sun-kissed rides in between the hailstones on Easter Saturday during the Brighton Mitre Hilly 10 mile time trial. I was even awarded wine and an Easter egg for my effort !

So, it was with the same optimism that I'd set off to ride the Surrey League Easter road race at Dunsfold.
Sadly, for the first time in my 4-year amateur road racing career the event was cancelled. There were other races that fell under the same fate. A couple of the stages in the Surrey League Easter 3-day event - other circuit races in the London area, plus even some time trials in Eastern England.

The full moon works in mysterious ways - an early Easter, weird precipitation, and bike races being cancelled !!

More snow for Easter Monday meant my training ride was put off and I went round the house being full of unused energy, acting frustrated and grumpy.

Today I rode my morning commute like a woman possessed. I caught up with a roadie at Wimbledon and we ended up doing a 2-up time trial all the way to Hammersmith. I got there in record time ! Sadly, I won't get any British Cycling points for that !

Now last year the weather was glorious in March, but then we had a lousy summer. This March has been lousy - we may be in for a glorious summer. Well, that wouldn't be a bad pay-back at all. We live in hope.

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