Sunday 30 November 2008

Just pootling - up North

This post could have been about doing a cyclo cross race in Yorkshire, near my folks - talking about how they do things up there compared with in the London League, what the level's like and generally seeing if there is a North-South divide in the world of cyclo cross.

But it's not going to be about that. The race I'd been hoping to do, at Bishop Burton College, was cancelled. Must admit I heaved a small sigh of relief as I was not relishing the prospect of wrestling with a muddy bike once again, and then having to take it on the train back down to London with me again - or even worse, risking having a broken up bike that would be in no fit state to get me across London once I got off at King's Cross !

So I took my road bike and pootled around in the cold, frost and fog instead. There's something qute refreshing about having a full weekend where you can just be on your road bike and build up some winter miles. No worries about getting your cross bike ready for another race, or having to save your energy for the competition ahead.

Just get out your road bike, don your 6 layers, overshoes and helmet, and just pootle.

Here's where I went.

Saturday: Hull - Beverley - Wetwang - Sledmire - Driffield - Beverley - Hull: 52miles
Terrain: flat/gently rolling
Weather: sunny, very cold, frosty

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Sunday: Cottingham - Little Weighton - North Newbald - Market Weighton - Holme-upon-Spalding Moor - Howden - South Cave - Riplingham - Eppleworth - Hull: 58miles
Terrain: undulating/flat
Weather: very cold, misty, frosty

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