Wednesday 11 February 2009

Birthday Honours

So, I've reached another birthday - it takes me that bit nearer to the menopause, that bit nearer to needing plastic surgery or liposuction, and I'll be running and riding that bit slower now. But hey, I was born on exactly the same day as Jennifer Aniston, so mustn't grumble!

Anyway, as it's a landmark birthday, I thought I might just, like our Queen Elizabeth II, do a birthday honours list.

I'd like to honour the following people for services to my life -

Trevor, the sports physiotherapist - he has done a great job in putting my legs right when they start going pear shaped.

Ann-Marie, my hairdresser - she has managed to keep my thick wild hair in place when a pure afro style would have made me look wilder. I'm sure that has spared me from scaring employers away, and from giving myself a nightmare when buying a cycling helmet.

Pat, the postman (I'm protecting his identity here!) - during the 11.5 years I lived in my flat he has dutifully delivered my fan mail from the likes of EDF, London Borough of Bromley and HBOS without fail. Hey, it has all helped to keep the wolf from the door!

John, the photographer - he's turned up at loads of races which I've done over the past few years - and has always had words of encouragement for me. Invaluable for the pre-race psyche.

And of course, I would like to thank my friends and family. They do not always understand this cycling madness that's gotten into me, but they have still been very supportive in my various exploits.

Finally, I would like to thank my other supporters - my legs, as well as my bones and muscles. Despite being put through 40 years of use and abuse, they have never failed to get me round a cycle race (or the triathlons and running races that I've done in the past). They've also got me to work and back on my bike, therefore saving me a packet which could have gone to London Transport. So overall, that has meant more money to spend on bikes, bike bits and other frivolities which have brightened up my life so far.

So, thank you legs - and thanks to everyone else!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! We met several times during Marmotte week last year, welcome to the middle ages!

2Wheel Chick said...

Thanks Andy - still getting used to it!
I remember seeing you at the Vaujany and the Grandes Rousses races. It was a great week of cycling. Will you be doing it again this year?