Monday 26 October 2009

Back in the Cyclo Cross Groove

After alot of deliberation and even a false start last week when a mechanical problem stopped me getting over to Reed Court Farm, yesterday I finally made it to my first cyclo cross race of the season. Hillingdon was the venue, and overall it treated me well. The sun was out, it wasn't muddy at all. The course was fast and not especially technical. Just how I like it.

Only thing is owing to me not letting out enough air from my tyres these dry conditions made for a very bumpy ride. My bones have been rattled all over and I feel like I've done Paris Roubaix. Also my back aches as I didn't get out the saddle on the various little climbs and the new stem on my bike is probably a bit too long. Oh, and I felt a bit sick on the penultimate lap as it's been ages since I pushed myself so hard over 60 minutes. My lungs hurt too. But still, it was a great to be back.

Delia, my club mate was first lady.

I finished second or third, after a duel with a Twickenham CC girl. There were quite a few ladies out for the race, which is always good, and my club actually had 3 ladies racing. That must be the first time ever that there were more than two women from the same club racing in a cyclo cross race (apart from in team championship races).

Yesterday has made me feel quite energised and ready for more. It won't be too long coming. There's the Halloween Cyclo cross this coming Saturday. I'll need to sort out lights and some fancy dress. And with the planned tricks the organisers are building into the course, it could be scary! Bring it on!

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