Wednesday 25 November 2009

Grrr - Somebody's clipped my wings!!

So what's going ? I wake up in the morning, get out of bed and lumber around the flat, all ungainly like a wounded elephant. There's hardly any movement in my right ankle and putting any weight on it is painful. Once I get my trainers on things are a little better, with the support they provide.

The sad thing is, I'm only wearing trainers just to hobble around the flat. Not going doing anthing sporty. If I'm feeling really courageous I might walk to the train station and clock in at the office.

Somebody's clipped my wings, so I can't do my favourite activities. Oh, how I miss being able to run up and down, and cycle around. Everyone's moaning about the foul weather we've been having. How much more of a soaking can you get while out riding a bicycle in London during these grey November weekends? Well, what I realise is I'd rather be rained on in a dreich country lane than be confined to my flat at the mercy of reality TV shows, trashy soap operas and completely inane singing and dancing competitions!

I'm an amateur sports personality, get me out of here!

The mean deed was done last Tuesday week. While out doing my lunchtime run around St James' Park I stopped off on my regular circuit to do some skipping reps across the way in Green Park. I wasn't sure if I should have been doing the reps as it was a bit windy and I didn't want to risk tripping and falling. Well, I took the risk anyway and jumped for about 10 minutes. Everything went fine.

But, it was the twig on a slippery path wot did it! Jogging down a little cut-through in Green Park, my right foot suddenly wobbled, then jerked violently to the left and then to the right. I stumbled, but didn't fall down. Boy did it hurt though. I instinctively hopped a few steps forward, like you sometimes see sprinters do when they suddenly get an injury while running. When I came to a stop, I immediately felt the pain spread all along my foot and ankle as the inflammation set in. I looked back and saw the cheeky little culprit lying there in the wet mud, camouflaged among the autumn leaves. Bloody Hell!! It's typical how you can sail through the difficult things and then it's just that little bit of banana skin (or a twig even) that brings you down. With no other way of getting back to the office I limped along The Mall to return to work. My lunchtime sport had come to an abrupt, painful and very unceremonious end.

So that's it - a biplanar ankle sprain that's not bad enough to warrant a cast, but nonetheless highly annoying. No sport for the next few weeks, which means I'll be endorphin-light and grouch-heavy - hardly a bundle of laughs! I will be heavy, in more ways than one. Not doing sport has got me piling on the kilos already. I just hope that when my wings eventually grow back they will be bigger and stronger. They will need to be to get this bloater off the ground!

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