Sunday 8 November 2009

Halloween Snap Shots

It was a full week ago that we had the Rollapaluza Halloween cyclo cross race, but it I can't help talking about it even now. It was certainly the main talking point in the cycling community last week. It even overshadowed the Inter-Area championships which took place the same weekend. Even though that was a national event, also with a big field, many people talked of how that event really paled into insignificance by comparison. It seemed quite a sorry affair with literally one man and his dog spectating! I must admit I'm glad I didn't make the trip up there.
Anyway, for those who weren't at the Rollapaluza spectacular, or those who want to be reminded what a great night it was, here are some snaps.

Photos courtesy of Graham Stacey (Catford CC), plus one from Alistair Lang (Pearson Cycles) who I am not sure whether or not to thank. Maybe he had a moment of schadenfreude when he saw me crash. Ok, I will admit I do laugh when I look at that Frank Spencer moment!

Photo: London Cyclesport


Alistair said...


Glad you like the photo!! It was luck that I got the shot was just following your passage through the bumps saw you wobble and thought here we go. Surprised you didn't hear me shout I've got it on camera!!

Catch you soon


2Wheel Chick said...

It wouldn't have been difficult catching me falling on those bumps - I think I crashed on those almost every time I rode them. It had been a different story earlier on that afternoon. The darkness changes everything!

See you soon!