Tuesday 30 March 2010

The Chicks are Out!

The road racing season is upon us. I still haven't done any road races this year, but with a little "luck" I should be on a start line near me some time soon!

I might not have done any racing but I've been keeping an eye on what's been going on. What I've noticed is the palpable sense of people gearing up - not just talking about races, but talking about team/club strategies, kit, tweeting about training regimes and gadgets - and this is just to do the local circuits!

There have also been team launches. This year we have a few London-based women's teams starting up. A couple of weeks ago was the launch of the Team MuleBar Girls.
We've now got a revived women's Rapha Condor team, and Pearson Cycles have become serious about their women's squad. It's not just women's teams that are getting organised, but even the local cycling clubs are beefing up their women's sections. A couple of years ago London Dynamo club was the place to be if you were a female road racer.

Now, you've got the pick of few clubs - Twickenham CC, Kingston Wheelers, London Phoenix, and of course my own club Dulwich Paragon. It's all happening. The girls are getting put through quite rigorous training regimes (well from what one reads on Twitter!) and there's a real race on to be the Queen of the London Peloton. Yes, the London girls are out there and it's all getting rather exciting. Now, where's my turbo trainer?

Bottom two photos by Gavin Percy www.gavpercy.co.uk

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