Thursday 21 April 2011

London Women Back on the Circuit

So after a great first year of the London Women's Cycle Racing League we are glad to see the London women are back again contesting league on the local circuits and aiming for glory and even the admiration of their peers.
The format's pretty much the same as last year, save a couple of tweaks.
This year Olivier from Bean About Town mobile coffee bars has very kindly supplied us with coffee so we award a Rider of the Day prize to the woman who has shown the most application in a race. It's a bit of a subjective prize, but it also means that anyone can win it - whether you finish first or last. So then even people who aren't that strong can have something to race for when they turn up, rather than feeling despondent at the thought that these races are just about the fast girls.
And that sort of climate would not be good for local women's racing, nor would it have achieved the goals of the London Women's Cycle Racing League.

We want this to be inclusive and feel that all levels of rider can take part.

So the first round got underway a couple of weeks ago at Redbridge Cycle Circuit (aka Hog Hill). There were glorious conditions for the women and we had a field of over 30 starters.
Anna Grundy, now racing for Look Mum No Hands became league leader, while Emma Grant who raced for Rapha Condor was awarded the Bean About Town Rider of the Day.

What has been good has been the number of new faces that have come along and are having a go, as well as seeing the established racers still hanging in there and trying to fend off the new competition.
Last year, in the early season it looked like the team to beat would be Pearson CC, but then Rapha Condor came along and grabbed the top spot. This year it looks like it's all about the Look Mum No Hands RT ladies. But who knows, things may still change though if other racers get more tactical.
I guess that's the beauty of cycle racing - and it's great to see that we have the luxury of healthy local competition among female racers in London. Long may it continue!

Top Photo: Dave Hayward
Bottom Two Photos: London CycleSport

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