Wednesday 20 April 2011

Spring in My Manor

The current issue of Cycling Active magazine has a ride story about cycling around Crystal Palace, Dulwich and the surrounding areas. I am very proud to say that I am the author of the said piece.

What gets me excited about this is because it's in my neighbourhood. There's something quite flattering about seeing the area in which you live mentioned in the media (for the right reasons of course!). Whether it's featured in the property pages of the London Evening Standard or it's the area visited for episodes of Come Dine with Me, that sort of mention gives me a buzz.

So it was great to be given the chance to write about a bike ride around Dulwich, Crystal Palace, Herne Hill and even a bit of Peckham and Brockley. We managed to include one of the nearby pubs, which actually comes out looking good in the final pictures.  In fact it looks so quaint I feel guilty continuing to refer to it by its local nickname - The Dog and Vomit!

I realise alot of people get excited about going off and doing photo shoots in spectacularly scenic places like Southern Spain or Utah. I do too. However, as much as I like the idea of going to these places I don't think I can ever get a greater sense of pleasure than when I see in the media the places for which I have an emotional attachment - the places where I feel at home.

Thanks to Andy Waterman for taking the pics and to Sarah Strong for being a model for the day!


Hugh said...

Good to have you back. When I glanced briefly at the pictures I thought you had found a secluded approach to the Eiffel Tower - then I realised it was the far more iconic Crystal Palace mast. Happy cycling over Easter - I'm off to Rye.

2Wheel Chick said...

Thanks Hugh.
Enjoy Rye - good cycling country and nice tea shops.
Happy Easter! :)