Thursday 19 December 2019

Christmas gifts and treats for cyclists - 2

Continuing on from my previous post on Christmas gift ideas for cyclists, here are a few more things that you might want to treat yourself with.

Rapha Women's Brevet jersey

This lovely jersey was designed after a group of riders did the Paris Brest Paris audax ride in 2011, and wanted to produce a jersey that was comfortable for wearing over long distances such as 1200km. It's designed to keep warm and dry as you go through the potential elements over the long distances.

Also three small pockets, plus a large zip pocket at the back allows you to carry quite a few provisions along the way. You don't need to ride anywhere near that distance to qualify to wear this jersey, but when wearing it during your rides over the winter you can be sure that the blend of merino wool in the fabric will keep you warm.

As well as that, wool has really good wicking properties if you work up sweat. I must say it feels cosy and warm on my skin, and I really like the feel of it.

I particularly like the horizontal strips across the chest and back, which make you highly visible. There are now newer incarnations of the jersey that I have (which is what is pictured), with reflective stripes across the arms and available in a wider range of colours.

Rapha Women's Brevet jersey II: £130

On top of the Brevet jersey, and for additional warmth why not wear the Souplesse insulated gilet as well. Insulation at the front means the gilet keeps you that bit warmer, and the fabric is also windproof and quick-drying too in you get caught in a shower. As the fabric is breathable it makes it efficient at regulating body temperature so you don't overheat while riding. Another useful piece of kit for winter days.

Rapha Women's Souplesse Insulated Gilet: £140

Where There's a Will - Emily Chappell

For a bit of holiday reading, you can't go wrong with this inspirational read by one of the UKs leading ultra distance bike riders.

Emily's autobiographical talks about how she came to do the Transcontinental Cycle race in 2016, and was the first female finisher in that race. You also hear about other tales of triumph and failure of her fellow bike riders on the ultra cycling circuit, as well as dealing with the grief following the death of her friend, Mike Hall.
A highly recommended read, as per my recent review.

Where There's A Will: Hope, Grief, and Endurance in a Cycle Race Across a Continent (Hardback): £12.99

Cube Nuroad WS Women's Gravel Bike 2020

I had the opportunity to try out the 2019 version of this bike when I rode the Festive 500 last year.

It handled pretty well off road, and coped in the times when I went into muddy areas such as on the Marriott Way in Norwich, and the Longdendale Trail in the Peak District.

There were also areas I went where the terrain was quite rugged, for instance on the Pennine Bridleway, and I had no problems handling the bike. I would just recommend putting on detachable mudguards on the bike at this time of year! The spec of the 2020 bike doesn't seem to have changed much from last year, apart from the frame colour. Here is the review I wrote for Cyclist.

Cube Nuroad WS women's gravel bike (2020): £999

Muc-Off 8 in 1 Bicycle Cleaning Kit

This neatly packaged box contains a wide selection of brushes and sponges to use for shifting the dirt from the hardest to reach nooks and crannies on your bike, and of course you have the signature bike cleaner and the bike protect sprays included.

I've used Muc-off for years and it never fails to leave my bike sparkling clean, even after the dirtiest of bike rides with my cyclocross bike.

And if you really want to be treated, see if your nearest and dearest will gift you one of the popular Muc-Off pressure washers too.

Muc-Off 8 in 1 Bicycle Cleaning Kit: £39.99

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