Wednesday 8 September 2021

Photo of the day - 8: Open water swimming in the Thames


photo: Eirian Evans

This is where I should have been today - swimming round and round in the River Thames at Richmond. However, finishing off a number of writing projects meant that I couldn't get the time out to go there. The Thames Young Mariners have regular open water swimming sessions there, and given that it is within the London area it is well worth getting along and having a swim. The coordinator is allowing extended sessions too, for those of us who need to do long swims. I love the idea of swimming in that area - especially in Richmond, one of my favourite areas of London. Hopefully I will get to swim there soon. Apparently, there will be sessions through the autumn and winter too, but I must say I would rather do my first swims there now. I'm not quite ready for really cold water just yet. I'll leave that to the hard core fanatics!

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