Thursday 22 November 2007

Thanks !

I know I'm not from the right side of the pond to be tucking into roast turkey and celebrating Thanksgiving, but I thought I'd just still put in a word to show my appreciation of the good guys in local cycling.

So thanks to all the guys who give up their time to promote cycling in London and the South-East; who work tirelessly to arrange venues and funds to promote the various races and leagues - Herne Hill, South Circuit, Cyclo cross, Surrey League, Crystal Palace, Hillingdon, Beastway, plus many others; thanks to all those around who have given me encouragement and training, plus the teams and clubs that have trusted me to don their jerseys without embarrassing them in the races !Toks Adesanya, Abigail Armstrong, Janet Birkmyre, Charlotte Blackman, Judith Bonner, Hannah Bussey, Bill Butterworth, Maurice Burton, Keith Butler, Peter Cattermole, Phil Cavell, George Clare, Tim Coales, Doug Collins, Tamar Collis, Dave Creasy, Jo Denman, Jake Dodd, Rohan Dubash, Glyn Durrant, Helen and Steve Ellis, Marco Faimali, Jo Foster, Sylvain Garde, Geraldine Glowinski, Lois Gosnay, Florence Hallett, Nicky Hughes, David Jack, Kimberley Kabatoff, Keith Knight, Sue and Tim Knight, John Leitch, Ben Lockwood, David Lombari, Hanna Mayhew, Jon Miles, Jen Mitchell, Andrew “Monty" Mongomery, Mosquito Bikes, John Mullineaux, Eddie Mundy, Phil Nash, Alex P, William and Guy Pearson, Sophie Perez, Melanie Prentice, Chris Reed, Bob Ruszkowski, Dennis Sackett, Dudley Samuels, Lisa and Chris Scarlett, Doug “Snoop Doug” Shaw, Chrystelle Sheldon, Belinda Sinclair, Joyce Smith, Warwick Spence, Stanley, Bryan Taylor, Jackie Townsend, Paul Tunnell, USE seatposts, Corrine and Steve White, Nicola Wadham, Chris Watts, Keith Wawman, Whitton Timber, Huw Williams, Mel Williams, Eddie Wingrave, Emma Wood, Richard Wood, Susan Wood, Paul Wright, plus many others.
And long may cyclesport continue !

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