Tuesday 13 November 2007

Why I don't like Autumn - bugs, bugs and bugs

Bloody hell I've got this virus that won't go away !!

It cursed me for the hill climbs, so I had to miss those. I thought I was better when I did the Penshurst cyclo cross, but I realised it still had a hold on me. I've managed to get myself out for a couple of other cyclo cross races but this bug won't fully leave me alone. It still insists on making it's mark on me.

Hence I wasn't able to ride last Saturday, I spluttered my way round Reed Court Farm, and I've been coughing around since. The bug even has the audacity to play tricks on me. Just when I think it's gone I start to train in earnest, and then the bugger rears its ugly head and revisits me !! So with all this extra activity I've done while the virus was still hiding, I've ended up wearing myself down even more, meaning that it takes twice as long to get better ! It won't be surprising if I end up with chronic fatigue syndrome.

Okay, so it's only November and my first road race won't be for another 3 months, but time flies. November marches on quickly, then you wind down for Christmas and it's all mince pies and turkey, then it's the slow burn to get off the calories in January. Then bang, before you know it your first road race is in 2 weeks and you are completely underconditioned !

And autumn is when it all begins - it's in October, when there's talk of this "bug that's going round". An over-dedicated office worker who's keen to get a decent end-of-year appraisal turns up for work while feeling under the weather. Spreads it around his office, someone else spreads it around another office, then round their home, among friends and family etc and the story goes.
Meanwhile all us amateur cyclists have to try and stay fit and well. Actually, it's not about staying fit - it's staying well that is the challenge. A real exercise in infection management ! And that's what I don't like about autumn.

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