Thursday 19 March 2009

Allez, on y va !

Hang on, I don't need French - more like Italian ! Well, we're flying into Nice before crossing into Italy, so what the hell!

I booked the trip a while ago on a whim - It all seemed a long time away back then. But now, here I am on the verge of leaving for San Remo.

Once in Nice we'll roll off the plane on our bikes, and within 5 minutes of cycling out of the airport we'll be pedalling along the seafront path known as the Promenade des Anglais. I'm so looking forward to it. Nice - my favourite French city after Paris.

We won't hang about too long though as we'll take the scenic and hilly route over to Menton via La Grand Corniche - one of my favourite coastal rides.

Then there'll be more climbing on the agenda as we cross the Alpes Maritimes and the Mercatour mountains to get into Liguria, Italy. It should be quite a buzzing atmosphere as there'll be all the fanfare of the Milan - San Remo cycle race.

Hopefully I'll have enough energy to do the cyclosportive mini version of this event.
With Eddie Merckx as the guest of honour and Ivan Basso riding the sportive, this will be quite an occasion. At Italian cyclosportives women often get put in the front grid along with the elites and the VIPs. Hopefully I might get to rub shoulders or even wheels with one of them. Interestingly, Ivan Basso will have already done the pro race the previous day, so I imagine he will use the sportive as a recovery ride. Embarrassingly, his recovery pace will still be quicker than my race pace, so I imagine I won't get to see much of him at all!

Well, whether or not I see Eddie, Ivan or even Lance, I'm sure it'll be an interesting trip - lots of hills, beautiful sights, and the chance to drink good wine and eat tasty ice cream without worrying about calories.

Trip report to follow.


trio said...

Can't wait to read about this adventure, sounds like my sort of thing!

2Wheel Chick said...

Yep, I had a great time Trio. I'd definitely recommend it.

Anonymous said...

sorry i have one question. what does 'Allez, on y va' actually mean? somebody put as facebook status update and I would really like to know what she meant by these words?

2Wheel Chick said...

Equivalent English phrase would be "Come on, let's go!"
"On y va" (let's go) on it's own is used quite alot. Allez at the start just emphasises things. Although "Allez" translates literally as "go", it's often used to mean, "come on" - it's used if you want someone to hurry up, or also when cheering someone on at sports event etc. Hope that clarifies things!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much 2wheel chick.. Do you know a good website to translate such french sayings into English...? I do use one but when i click 'translate' it usually translates into something I don't understand in English! lol
Thanks again for your good help.

Anonymous said...

can anyone help?

2Wheel Chick said...

Hi, sorry I seemed to have missed your last comments.
Out of the top of my head I can think of Babelfish, but I'm not sure it's that good.
The people who could give the best suggestions would be the translators on the proz forum. - you could try there. I will be starting a tranlsation course in a couple of weeks so if I hear of any recommendations I'll let you know.

Anonymous said...

Thanks 2wheel chick. All have proved helpful.