Thursday 26 March 2009

Primavera Travels - Cote d'Azur (Part 2)

On we pressed up La Grande Corniche, admiring the view of the coast below us. It was great to be above all the action that was happening in Nice and around. You could be part of it, while not having to be in it. There wasn't much traffic on this section of road - just the odd car and a few motorbikers. I imagine this is a bit of a boy racer route at the height of summer.

Just before La Turbie the road levelled off, before suddenly plunging down. We rounded a rapid succession of lovely sweeping bends, which brought us around rocky outcrops. The view down below us changed and we had our first sighting of Monaco, and the very opulent Cap Martin. We still had a lovely coastline to view and lots of vegetation. But this was now interspersed with lots of blue squares - swimming pools. The architecture was also less quaint as the Principality below us consisted of a number of tower blocks. There they stood - tall and mighty in their audacity, above the Mediterranean landscape - an ugly symbol of the wealth of those who live in Monaco.

Once we were level with Monaco we noticed an increase in the amount of traffic, and from here up to Roquebrune Cap Martin we had to be careful on the descents as we crossed junctions and cars slowed up. The increased traffic might have been due to it being rush hour as well. This would definitely be a road that's worth doing on a quiet day, as the descent from La Turbie to Roquebrune is a real joy. The road alternately twists towards and away from the coast - switchback between jagged rocks and smooth sea, with the sun looking over you the whole time.

Once at Roquebrune we were back at sea level, and it was just a short ride to our resting place for the day in Menton.

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