Sunday 21 September 2014

One day one photo - 8

Wednesday 17th September

Working in Tytherington, near Macclesfield means that my lunchtime bike rides always involve going in or around Bollington. Anyone who knows this pretty village will also know that one of the main features of the area is this monument known as White Nancy. The actual monument is not very high, but the fact that it sits on top of the Kerridge hills, 250m above sea level means that it can be seen from various areas of the village and the surrounding areas. Up close I don't think it looks like much, but from afar it's quite impressive. It's also a useful beacon for finding my way back to base if I get lost in one of the many lanes!

The other useful thing about White Nancy for me, is it is a useful target for training both on the bike and on foot. While it isn't permitted to cycle right up to the summit, it is possible to cycle up the lane and the bridleway which are about fifteen metres below and a bit of a slog as the ride involves going up a 20% gradient. For the even more hardcore riders, and those training for something like the Three Peaks Cyclo cross race, it is possible to do reps where you ride up the bridleway and then dismount from your bike and run up to the summit with your bike slung over you shoulder. I prefer to just pedal or wheel my bike up the bridleway - none of this shouldering malarkey!

Another lunchtime activity which is popular locally is running to the summit. From where I work that means a 4-mile round trip run with 150m of climbing. Now I thought running along the flat was an energetic enough activity to do in the middle of the working day, but doing a fell run is quite hardcore. In fact, some of my colleagues happily do this a few times a week. I guess that works up an appetite before eating! I'd like to get into fell running, and my colleagues have invited me to run with them. Somehow, I'm not sure I want to do this in a lunch hour though - unless my boss doesn't mind me having an afternoon nap! Somehow I don't think that will happen!

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