Monday 15 September 2014

One day one photo - 4

Saturday 13th Septemer

As it's London Fashion Week I thought I might give a brief mention to clothing. No, I haven't started a new career as a designer, a model or even a modest pattern cutter. When it comes to cyclewear I still just wear what I can get hold of at the time at reasonable price and quality, and what fits me. I've never really been into what is √† la mode! Eighteen months in Milan and four years in Paris seem to have had no effect on my wish to be fashionable, and my contemporaries who take part in cycling activity, male and female are always streets ahead of me in the couture stakes, as well as on the track! Where my activities do have a mini brush with fashion is in my secret shine for crocheting. A lot of  people don't know it, but I crochet in my free time. I might be into sport, and I might like running around playing at being a hack but I do get excited about a bit of yarn. I'll happily show anyone my collection of crochet hooks if they are interested! I started crocheting about three years ago when I wanted to do something with my hands, other than playing Angry Birds on my phone or picking my nails during my downtime. It all started with the odd mug coaster (which Higg certainly found odd!) or beanie hat. But things have moved on, and at weekends I find it quite relaxing to do my new-found hobby when I have a bit of time to spare. I have managed to crochet cuddly toys, shawls, scarves and even a top. You will find a healthy collection of crocheted hats for all seasons in my wardrobe, and gloves are on the way. None of these personal creations will make it onto any catwalk in the near future, but they are good enough to wear when out and about. That more than makes up for the feeling I'd get when wearing a humongously expensive D&G top or Rapha belt. I just get a really warm feeling wearing something that I have made myself, and can't be found anywhere else.

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