Thursday 30 January 2020

Cyclists of Paris

When I was in Paris to attend the launch of the Groupama-FDJ bike racing team, I took a stroll around the centre of the city and did a bit of people watching as it was quite a sunny day. By people watching, it was more about watching all the various cyclists go by. I didn't need to go very far to see cyclists as there were quite a lot of them around, so I just stayed within a narrow zone between Hotel de Ville, Rue de Rivoli, and the Pont Notre-Dame.

It's good to see that more segregated cycle lanes have been built around Paris, and the Velibs seemed to be back in use again as well after the catastrophic failure of the system over the last couple of years. There weren't quite as many cyclists as you see in some of the cycle superhighways in London at rush hour, but the lanes were still well used by scooters and skateboarders as well as by cyclists.

Rue de Rivoli

Velibs at Hotel de Ville

Commuters on Pont Notre-Dame

Quai de Gesvres

Boulevard de Sebastopol
Rue de Rivoli

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