Sunday 10 September 2023

One day one photo - 10: Sunday at Virginia Water (and also Longside Lake)

Enjoying a Sunday afternoon at Virginia Water

I had originally planned on taking part in a SwimRun event at Longside Lake, but different factors meant that I didn't do it in the end. I went there anyway as I had arranged to meet my friend Rachel to do a bit of paddleboarding there. It was a fun hour or so that we spent on the water. We weren't able to use the whole lake as there was waterskiing also going on, and I didn't fancy being in their wake! Hopefully we can return there and have the full use of the lake.

After our exertions we'd worked up enough of an appetite to scoot across to the nearby Virginia Water where we had a picnic beside the lake. 

I must say it is a beautiful part of the world. Virginia Water is part of the Royal Landscape that includes Windsor Great Park, and has other sections like Savill Gardens, a big Totem Pole and Smith Lawn, a prime spot for playing or watching polo.

Being not so Royal, Rachel and I just slummed it eating our sandwiches from Waitrose in Egham on a wooden bench in the woods. Then in very English style, the the rain came down but we were able to have afternoon tea in the cafe, before returning outside after the rain and burning off more calories on a mini walk. 

My Sundays are normally quite energetic with a bike ride, a long run and sometimes even a race. It was quite nice to do something more leisurely for a change. Regardless of how sporty you are, it does make for a refreshing change to slow down and just enjoy your environment. 

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