Wednesday 27 September 2023

One day one photo - 27: Particularly shocking knife crime incident in Central Croydon

Investigation scene after the stabbing in Central Croydon

My rehearsal with Croydon Symphonic Band had a delayed start due to many of the musicians being caught up in traffic. The roads were chock-a-block due to the main road through Central Croydon, Wellesley Road, being closed as forensic scientists carried out investigations.

Sadly, earlier today a teenager was stabbed at the bus stop outside the Whitgift Shopping Centre while on her way to school. It's a real shock to hear such news. Unfortunately, there have been many stabbings in London over the years. This year seems to have been particularly bad as there have already been 15 - more than the total for last year. In most cases the victim was young male.

This incident was even more shocking because the circumstances - a 15-year old girl in her uniform, travelling to her nearby private school. This is the first time a young girl has been the victim of a fatal stabbing. Police are still trying to establish the circumstances of the attack, but it is said that an argument took place on the bus in which a young girl rejected the advances from a 17-year old boy - the perpetrator, who was found in New Addington 45 minutes later. The group of children got off the bus outside the shopping centre, and the perpetrator produce a knife with a very long blade and stabbed the victim in the neck. The ambulance service arrived at the scene within a few minutes, but despite their efforts they were unable to save the youngster.

This is such a shock to the community. We have gotten used to hearing about stabbings in London, and that is already a massive cause for concern. But when knife crime occurs in the heart of Croydon, so close to an area you frequent, and given the circumstances of the incident - involving a young girl just on her way to school - it makes you wonder what sort of society we live in.

I am very sorry to hear this news about the girl, and I send my condolences to her family and friends.

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