Tuesday 12 September 2023

One day one photo - 12: Beckenham Concert Band swansong for our conductor

Felicity conducting the band. I am just about visible on the right (Photo by David Chapman)

Today was the last day in my band, Beckenham Concert Band, for our conductor and musical director, Felicity Cliffe. After a couple of years of providing musical leadership, Felicity is going up to pastures new at the Royal Northern College of Music, where she will pursue her high-level musical/conducting studies.  

To mark the occasion we played a selection of songs in a mini concert, with an audience of a few friends and family. I had missed a few sessions over the summer, as well as all of the concerts. It was a shame to have not been able to take part in the concerts, but I was glad to have been able to get to the last rehearsal before Felicity leaves. In fact we had a pretty full band as many people, including deps turned up just to have the chance to say good bye to Felicity. That's a testimony to how much people liked her. She was quite moved to see so many people, and also to receive gifts and flowers.

I only joined the band in the summer of 2022, so I didn't get to know her very well. But I thought she was a friendly person and a great conductor with a gentle manner and knew how to get the best out of us. I played most of the tunes well, though I made a mess of one of the Holst pieces, and I squeaked my clarinet. I hope nobody heard. If they did, then I'll say sorry! All the best to Felicity.

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