Saturday 20 October 2007

Hill Climbs ? Oh, something's bugging me !

I've got the hill climbs tomorrow. It sounded a great idea at the time when I sent my entry off for the Bec and the Catford CC Hill climbs.

The chance to take part in a challenge with all the South London bike afionados out cheering and shouting you on, like in a Tour de France mountain stage. All the atmosphere and the camaraderie that develops among kindred suffering souls who brave the slopes.
It was also a chance to measure myself up and see how the hill reps, the road racing and the cyclosportives and cyclo cross have helped this year.

I had planned to trained up for this - but now the dreaded bug has hit me and I've been unable to do anything much for the last few days.

Stan and I did a mini ride up Yorks Hill (Catford Hill Climb) and White Lane/Titsey Hill (Bec Hill climb) yesterday. I was convinced that my symptoms were above the neck so no risk to my lungs. I just wrapped myself up with double the amount of layers and had a go at each climb. The lungs were ok but I had nothing in my legs, and I was very out of breath even though I hadn't allow myself to go into the red. But if you're ill there's no point.

After 2 ascents of Yorks Hill and 1 and a half of White Lane at snail-sprint pace we called it day. There was no point in wrecking myself any further. The damage may have already been done, as my chest was hurting during yesterday evening and I was in a real panic thinking I have contracted chronic fatigue syndrome.

Today I don't feel too bad, but then I've only been walking - between living room, kitchen, dining room. I've no idea how my body will bear up tomorrow going over the 25% ramps and the 12.5% average gradients over 600metres. The distances don't sound that long - but you are meant to sprint up them ! The fast boys take around 1min 50. At this rate I am likely to take well over 4 minutes - which will put me in pole position for the Lanterne Rouge! Well at least I'll get £10 for my trouble !

We'll see how it goes.

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