Monday 27 April 2009

Enjoying a little more Springtime

I decided yesterday that the day's ride would be more about fun than serious training.

Fred and I, along with a few club-mates, took the mountain bikes out through Farthing Down and out to Reigate. Then we went across to Tadworth, back to Banstead and then home. It was a pedestrian paced ride, but just what I needed given my poor mountain biking skills and my need to take things easy.

Coming back through Banstead the woods looked beautiful and we found the chance for photo opportunity too difficult to resit.

We stopped, admired the bluebells and then Fred took a few snatched photos. I must admit I am actually happy with this one. Nothing to do with the rider! For me, it just represents what a spring day is about - moving around at a leisurely pace, smiling in the sun, and admiring the scenery around you.

photo by Fred

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