Thursday 30 April 2009

Women's Race at the Smithfield Nocturne

Great news! We will have a women's race at the Smithfield Nocturne in London on June 6th. Yay! It's a big deal for us racing chicks as it's been a while since there was a women's criterium race in the heart of London. These series of evening crits, Sponsored by Rapha, have been running for a couple of years now. They attract large crowds, especially at this Central London location, where there is a packed programme of fun events. They are all quite different, but they all provide for exhilarating, rip-roaring action and a great evening out. With lots of trendy City bars in this historic part of London, spectators have a lot to keep themselves busy with in between the races.

It's always great to race in Central London, where you have not just the cycling community out watching you, but a whole manner of passers-by. Many don't know much about bike racing, but with all the fanfare it's difficult to ignore what's going on, and the sport even acquires new fans.

Women's racing has never been on the agenda at these events. But this year, the organisers are trying something different. For us, it's once again a great opportunity to show off our side of the sport, and hopefully people will come away with a very favourable opinion of women's criterium racing.

So I'm off to get my entry in - as well as a bit of training!


snoopdoug said...

Excellent news!!! I'll be cheerin'

2Wheel Chick said...

Cheers Snoop!

I'll be gasping for breath and dribbling over my handlebars. I'll probably be heaving for an hour or 2 after I finish. So I might as well thank you in advance for your support, while I've got the breath to do so!