Tuesday 21 April 2009


I could've gone for a run in the park near my work at lunchtime. Instead, I decided that today would be a rest day and I decided to do something I don't normally do during my lunch hour. I went for a stroll.

I put on my jacket, didn't take any money or work papers and just walked around St James' Park at a leisurely pace. This was probably inspired by the Slow Down London festival that starts this week.

Well, the only thing I took with me was my camera phone and as I ambled along I stopped and contemplated various scenes and really marvelled at the colours, the architecture and the natural beauty in London on this lovely, sunny, Spring day.

There was no rushing around to be done, no thinking about my work, and it was something very enjoyable that I could do in Central London without needing to pay for it! I felt so much for refreshed when I returned to my desk for the afternoon session.

Here's a bit of what I saw.

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