Monday 1 October 2012

One Day One Photo - 24

Monday 24th September

Famous last words. It's great flying with Easyjet. Then shortly after that I take a flight with my bike and when I open my bike bag at Milan-Linate airport I find that the derailleur has been ripped away from the frame!!

That was a real heartsink moment. I'd been looking forward to riding the bike, and thinking about all the places I could try and ride it. Then in a moment of carelessness by airport staff, those hopes are dashed.

To be fair, the staff at the airport gave me a form to fill out and provided as much assistance and information as possible regarding the procedure. It is down to Easyjet's discretion what they do. But the guys at the desk allowed me to fill out a damage report with as much info as possible in order to help my case.

Getting across Milan was a pain though, as I thought I would chance things by going to Decathlon on spec en route to my flat to get it repaired. Their place was so full of bikes that they said I would need to wait at least 3 days before I could check in my bike for repairs. So I then had to traipse the thing up to my flat on the 6th floor by way of a tiny lift, that is not designed for carrying larger items.

I now have to find a bike shop in Milan that will be able to fix my derailleur and get the job done to a decent standard, reasonably soon, and all the service with a smile. That may be easier said than done.....

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