Wednesday 17 October 2012

One Day One Photo - 27

Thursday 27th September

Another week another flight! This time it's to Dublin. I go to Ireland regularly since that is Higg's homeland and his family are all pretty settled over there.

Being in Italy and returning to London each month, in between travelling to other places for work and pleasure has meant that I have not been able to go back to Ireland as much as I would normally. It was therefore good to be able to finally get across to the Emerald Isle.

And what made me quite happy about my journey too, was not having to fly with that Irish low cost airline with the blue and yellow logo!

When flying to Ireland, Aer Lingus are definitely my wings of choice. They got me there on time, the air hostesses and captain sounded cheerful, and when I arrived in the fair city I still felt pretty human!

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