Wednesday 17 October 2012

One Day One Photo - 30

Sunday 30th September

Of course, you can't go to Dublin with out tasting a bit of the old Liffey water, and you can't go to Dublin without going to Temple Bar. Even though it is the most uber touristic parts of Ireland, I still like the atmosphere around the cobble streets and traditional (ish) pubs in this part of Dublin.

We were also there to see a play as part of Dublin Theatre Festival. The play was very off-beat, but then again this area is a little arty so it should not have been a great surprise.

We didn't actually go into this pub, as we were celebrating the birthday of Higg's niece. As she was only 1 year old she was a bit young to be having a tipple! We went to a restaurant opposite instead.

Still, it was a fun afternoon out, and a nice way to spend time in Dublin.

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